Reservist Day Four – Piece of shitty equipment

**This entry was hand written on 20 Nov 2008**
Body aching from yesterday’s IPPT. But I know its not the full effect yet. I usually feel the full effect 2 days after the exercise.
It’s been a busy day. Spend the morning having lesson. Afternoon was frustrating. We were issued some new equipments which was very badly designed. The older design is already very badly designed. We thought the new design will improve the flaws. But no it didn’t. Instead, the new design is worse than the old design.
Everyone of us is cursing and swearing whole day. Who the hell design this piece of shitty equipment? I think I used the more vulgarities today compared to the past 3 days combined.
Got news from my Sgt that I’ll be the only person in my platoon required to go outfield next Thursday. The rest of my platoon mates aren’t involved in the exercise. Oh well, what to do? Quite unlucky this few days. It’s funny when my Sgt broke the news to me. It’s like he scare I will be depressed and do something foolish after hearing the news. Haha.


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