Reservist Day Three – Unlucky day

**This entry was hand written on 19 Nov 2008**
It’s an unlucky day. We had IPPT today morning. We rushed down to the test area only to find ourselves waiting 45 minutes for our turn. Yes, that the classic “Rush To Wait, Wait To Rush”. As usual, I failed my chin up. Just before the 2.4km run, my running shoes decided to give way. The sole of the shoe fell of. Wanted to buy a new pair of shoes but the E-Mart isn’t open yet. Running on a shoe with sole and another without sole feels weird.
We had some lessons straight after the IPPT. Not enough rest man.
I took leave from ICT in the afternoon to settle some paper work outside. Yes, there is such thing call leave during ICT. But it depends on your PC and OC. If you have a valid reason, it shouldn’t be a problem to apply for time off during not so important days. I’m glad the rules are flexible here.
Just when I was about to leave camp, it started to rain, heavily. Our bunk is quite far away from the gate and there is no shelter. So I waited around 30 minutes for the rain to get smaller. Went to office to settle the paper work and coordinate some upcoming events. After which, I went home and continue with some work related stuff. When I was about to leave home for camp, it started pouring again. Damn unlucky. Have to wait for a while before the rain get smaller.

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