Reservist Day Five – Outfield

**This entry was hand written on 21 Nov 2008**
Woke up with a SMS on my handphone saying “Call me when you wake up”. It was from my officer. Straight away I knew something not right. Indeed……. he told me to get everything ready and go outfield with him in the afternoon. Which means I only have a couple of hours to prepare my equipments. On top of that, I need to pass a mock test before going out. Everyone need to pass the mock test or we can’t book out tomorrow. It is a mad rush. Finished the test and rush to cookhouse for early lunch. Managed to get everything done just in time.
The weather is super hot outfield. And the new equipment is killing me. Hate it. I would kill the stupid designer if I got a live round with me. Return back to camp in the evening. Very tired.

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