Reservist Day Six – Bookout day

**This entry was hand written on 22 Nov 2008**
Too tired to wake up for breakfast. The outfield yesterday was a killer. I don’t know how I going to survive the next outfield on Thursday. Body aching like hell. Think I’m getting too old for this.
We had some simple revision lesson in the morning. Had lunch after lesson and waited for bookout. And waited….. and waited.
Basically, I’ve learnt that you should never ever plan anything on the book out day because the book out timing is never fixed. It’s unfair because the book in timing is always fixed while the book out timing will have to depends. But of cos, if we were to push for a fixed book out timing, it will most likely be the latest possible timing.
Anyway, I took a nap while waiting, only to wake up once in a while to confirm that we aren’t booking out yet. In the end, we were finally told we can book out at 4pm plus. Not bad. I was expecting somewhere around 5pm.
Then we encountered some cock up at the guard house. I rather not say what happen or all my vulgarities will come out.

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