Is There $ To Be Made In Blogging?

As the final post of my guest blogging in DK’s blog, I attempt to answer the question (see title). The short reply is yes but really, how much each blogger wants is relative. Although I’m not blogging full time and earning a full time income, my blogging this year has paid for my coming Japan’s trip fully. However, it takes a lot of hard work and passion to keep blogging. Here’s my story of at least earning some kopi money monthly.
I started out to blog just to get into the wave of blogging and three years ago, I set up a Xbox 360 blog just for the goal of getting a network blogging gig. After numerous emails sent to the editor, I got the job. Initially, the income was not great and I had only one blog to begin with but after several months, things got better and tens of dollars became a few hundred coins.
The picture was rosy when I had 3 blogs and each of them was doing pretty well until I found that I spent almost most of my waking time blogging and doing nothing else. This is just as bad or addictive as gambling. Some aspects of my life were neglected and I’m glad to rectify before things got worse.
The current economy spares no one, including blogging. If you think network bloggers don’t have retrenchment or pay cuts, then you are very wrong. My monthly blogging income was cut by more than 50% but I still keep blogging for the network as my passion was still there.
Blogging for yourself is better than blogging for others, most of the time. Therefore, with the experience accumulated from my network blogging, I started Beijing Olympics FAN! You can see this kind of blog as a project blog, a term I bestowed.
For this kind of project blog, it’s targeted at a niche area. I set up the Olympics blog around a year before the actual Beijing Olympics 2008 event to give it time to rank better in search engines. I must admit I did not post regularly in the first 8 months until around 6 months before the main show. I even hired one blogger to blog for me.
The Adsense income for the blog stayed stagnant until June 2008. In August 2008, I had the biggest pay check from Google in my 4 years with Adsense. To sum up, the Olympics blog earned me a few thousand bucks. At that moment, I realized that blogging really pays but not without hard work.
My advice to aspiring bloggers is to keep your day job while continue to blog. Even you think you are earning a full time income from blogging, give it a few months before you hand in your resignation letter.
As for now, I’m starting new blogs (like this simple Netbook FAN! blog) and I’m content I can drink at least a few cups of teh in Kopi tiam or Coffee Bean, all paid for, by blogging.
If you have any questions, feel free to shoot in the comments section.
P.S: Thanks DK for giving me the opportunity to blog here. Please recruit me again next time.

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