Reservist Day Eight – We can almost do it blindfolded

**This entry was hand written on 24 Nov 2008**
We had more practice today. Seriously lost count on the number of times we practice on setting up and tearing down our equipments. I think we can almost do it blindfolded soon. But better not suggest this to them. Wait next time they really test us when we are blindfolded. I don’t want to be cursed and sweared everyday by people for coming up with such crazy ideas.
The trainer gave us a longer than usual lunch break to let us rest a bit since we are quite good at our stuff. But instead of sleeping, I end up making several phone calls out to coordinate some work related stuff. Almost wanted to go to the business centre to get the stuff done. But that place is crowded during lunch time and the internet speed there is super duper slow. Strange…. I remember the business centre is pretty alright last year when I come for reservist. Maybe because the equipments aren’t well maintained.
Afternoon lesson was the same as the morning. More practices. Good thing is that the lesson ended early.

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