Reservist Day Nine – Same thing, different place

**This entry was hand written on 25 Nov 2008**
We went outfield today. To practice what we been practicing for the past few days outfield. The test tomorrow will be held outfield. So we went outfield to practice our stuff. But here is the thing. It doesn’t matter where you do it. Be it outfield or in camp. Everything is the same. OK, except concrete floor vs grass floor. (And mosquito) Other than that, there is totally no difference. Its still the same thing, except done at a different place. And doing it on concrete floor vs grass floor makes no difference at all. It does not slow do the pace or anything. Everything is still the same.
So why bother? Oh well.
Not everyone in my platoon will be tested tomorrow. Only the key appointment holder will be tested. And it’s 90% certain that I will be one of those to be tested. So we waited for the finalized name list to be released. It is supposed to be release at 4:30pm. But this being the army, I was guessing that we will be lucky if we got the name list by 5:30pm. We waited and waited. I managed to catch a short nap while waiting, using my SBO as my pillow like the old days.
In the end, we finally got the name list at 5:45pm. As expected, I’m going to be tested tomorrow. So we had one more practice before heading back to camp. I make a grave mistake during the last practice. Careless mistake. It is a immediate failure actually. Let’s hope I don’t make the same mistake tomorrow. Else I’ll pull down everybody’s score.

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