HP Mini 1000 first look

It seems like netbooks are the “IN” things nowadays. Almost every PC makers are releasing a netbook. The HP Mini 1000 is HP’s second attempt on the netbook. It seems like they’ve learn quite a fair bit from the previous model, the HP Mini 2133.

(It’s near impossible to take a photo of the HP Mini 1000 without getting any reflections)
The most impressive part about the HP Mini 1000 is the beautiful casing. The design on the casing make the HP Mini 1000 the most beautiful netbook in the market to date. It makes you feel like you are carrying an expensive equipment. But in actual fact, this netbook merely cost $799. The 10.2 inch screen looks great, although it will takes you a while to get used to a 10.2 inch screen if you are used to screen size like 14.1 inch. The device is slim, light and fit nicely into the hand.

The keyboard is surprisingly comfortable to type with. I thought it will take me more than a week to get used to the 92% keyboard. But it took me less than 2 days to get used to it. In fact, this entire review is type on the HP Mini 1000 itself. The biggest complain on this netbook is the awkward left and right mouse button. But frankly speaking, it takes just a few hours to get used to this non-traditional button arrangement.
The HP Mini 1000 runs on Windows XP. WooHoo! It seems like HP learnt from its mistake from the HP Mini 2133. Accompanied with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and 1 gb RAM, this netbook is considered pretty fast for a netbook.

The HP Mini 1000 comes with 2 USB port. One on the left and the other on the right. There is a 2.5mm jack for both headphone/microphone. There is also an expansion port and a SD/MMC card reader. The amazing thing about this netbook is that it comes with a Ethernet port. And it’s well covered by a rubber cover so that the netbook looks nice when it is not in use. There is also a switch to turn on/off WIFI and Bluetooth.
OK, that’s my first look at the HP Mini 1000. I’ll be holding on to this amazing netbook for quite some time. I’m trying to use this netbook to replace my usual 14 inch laptop. Let see how everything goes. As usual, if you have any interesting idea on how to review this unit, feel free to pop me a comment or email.

Many thanks to Binny, Melissa and Paul from Edelman and HP for passing me this HP mini 1000. I must also take this opportunity to say that I’m pretty amazed by the fine details from Edelman. The unit I got comes with a power cable from another country. So they bought a power point converter before I go their office to collect the unit so that I can use the set immediately. Nice!!
On a side note: I was writing this review at Starbucks when the gal at the opposite table keep looking at my HP mini. If not for her male companion who seems most likely to be her boyfriend, I would have walked over and show her this amazing device. 🙂


  1. Krisandro: Need to try out man. But it’s a 3 cell battery. So can’t expect much from it. I think they will release a 6 cell battery soon.
    HJ: What? If its a gal magnet, make full use of it. 😛

  2. Yeap, its light and pretty good to use.
    But the screen is small hor. If you going to do serious work, abit the tough. But if just for surfing net, msn and emailing, not a problem. 🙂

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