Reservist Day Ten – The Test

**This entry was hand written on 26 Nov 2008**
The day that we have been training for the past 10 days is finally here. This is supposed to be stage 1 of the test. Stage 2 will be held next year during the next reservist.
We are all well prepared. The test was over in a couple of hours. We did our best and scored very well. In fact, the tester told us that over the past 2 years as a tester, our platoon has achieved the highest score he has ever seen. Woohoo!
By afternoon, we are back in camp and returning stores. We returned all our equipment except 1 set. That set is for me. For the outfield exercise that I’m supposed to go tomorrow. Feeling a little sian now. Everyone in my platoon has that “Reservist is over” mood except me. One more day and we’ll be thru.
Nothing to do in the afternoon. Spend a short while preparing for tomorrow. Then I had a nap. There is a safety briefing in the evening for those who are taking part in the exercise tomorrow. I find it kinda extra actually. We have been thru 6 reservist and before that, 2 1/2 years of NS. Going outfield for exercise is almost like a non-event. Why bother the safety brief? We all know the safety things to do during exercise.
Oh well…. Just go thru what we need to go thru.
After the briefing, my officer ask me to go over the planning room to help him do some stuff. There goes my plan of sleeping early before the exercise.


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