Guess how many $1 coins are there.

I have a very interesting way to save money. If a cashier gives me $1 coin as change, I’ll keep it. I always try not to use the $1 coin in my wallet. At the end of the day, I would take out all the $1 coin in my wallet and save them. Over the past 1 year plus, I’ve saved this much $1 coin.

Make a guess…. how much money is that.
I’ll do a contest here. The person who managed to guess the correct amount wins a pair of movie voucher from Eng Wah.
Here are the rules.
The contest will run from 11 Dec till 18th Dec 2009, 2359.
All guess has to be posted on the comment in this entry.
You can only make 1 guess a day. (Which means everyone can make 8 guesses if they guess everyday)
The contest will end when someone guess the exact amount.
If nobody got the exact amount by the end of the contest, the person with the closest guess wins.
In event when more than 1 person got the exact amount/closest amount, the person who make the guess first wins.
This contest is open to all my blog readers who are staying in Singapore.
Good luck!!!


  1. i learnt my lesson keeping $1 coins. don’t keep them. hold notes instead.
    just to share the hassles i went through trying to cash it in
    1) banks don’t have coin exchanges everyday. i went to amk hub on a saturday and got turned away by both ocbc and uob. had to take leave to go to a bank on a weekday. uob is tues, ocbc is tues and thurs i think.
    2) they charge a service fee for every x pieces. if i remember correctly, i was charged $1.50 for every 100 pieces. so if this applies to 1cents, you cash in 100 1cent coins, you’ll have to pay the bank 50cents for their time to count it. haha.
    3) lugging $700 to 800+ coins around is damn tiring and you have to find a strong bag to hold the load.
    4) you’ll have to put the coins in small bags of $25, $10, etc depending on denomination. i had to sit in the bank to do this, thought they had that auto coin counter thing.
    the bright side of this… i understand that once in a while, a bank will go to a CC to do coin deposits/exchange for free.
    well… i’m guessing there’s about 450 in that pile.

  2. Zhenzhen: Of cos I not so stupid lah. Wait nobody comment. 😛
    Anon: Yes, I feel your pain. Luckily, the Singapore Mint does collect the coins at CC for free once every year. 🙂

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