Reservist Day Eleven – The Exercise

**This entry was hand written on 27 Nov 2008**
Woke up earlier than the rest of my platoon mates. I’m the only person in my platoon involved in today’s exercise. Went for my breakfast, draw arms, run some errants for my officer, dressed up and went for briefing. I shouldn’t be involved in the briefing actually. My rank too low already, attend briefing also no use. Oh well, what to do? My officer ask me to come along.
Had an early “lunch” at 10:30 am. Yes, they purposely prepared lunch earlier so that we can eat before going outfield. Save on combat rations, which I’m never a fan of it. Managed to find a 15 minute rest before going to the parade square to assemble. Before moving out, our CO gave us a speech to motivate us. That’s the problem when your CO’s day job is a principal. He talks a lot. Haha
Our RSM gathered all those who are not involved in the exercise and ask them to form up 2 rows by the side of the road. As our 5 tonner drove pass, they cheered for us, like we are heroes going for battle. Well, we are indeed going for a battle.
The exercise started off pretty well. The weather is rather good and we were all praying that the weather remain this good. But maybe we didn’t pray hard enough. The weather became hotter after a while. I notice that I like to pull a “fierce face” when I put camo cream on my face. Look more “Ga-rang”. Haha.
Bump into some friends from other platoon and they asked me where is the rest of my platoon. My reply is always “They are doing something more xiong (tough) than me in camp. So xiong that they might have sleepless night tonight and headache tomorrow”. When they ask me what’s the “more xiong” stuff that I’m referring to, I said “Sleeping in camp”.
I drank a lot of water because of the weather. At the end of the exercise, my 2 water bottle are less than 5% fill. The good thing is that they prepared ice cold 100plus at the end point. Shiok man.
Think I’m really getting old. This is a very short exercise, yet I’m feeling very tired at the end of the exercise. Back in my active days, this kind of exercise is nothing to me. So its actually a good thing that I keep going to reservist now. So that when I grow older, I would have already served all my reservist cycle.
On the way back to camp, my Sgt gave me a call to check my status. He told me to go to the spec mess when I return camp. The rest of the platoon is having happy hour there. So I quickly return all the stores when I reach camp and join the rest of my platoon at the spec mess. They ordered lots of chicken, fishball, orion rings etc etc. And lots of tiger beer too. Life should always be like this. Fight all the way during the day and relax during the evening.
I left the party earlier as I’m very tired. Went back to bunk to wash up and hit the bed at 9pm. There is nights off tonight, but I’m too tired to move myself.

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