Signs that the ERP just doesn't work

Heard rumors that the LTA are building more ERP gantry again. Not sure how true is that. Sigh.
Last week, I invited to an event where they pick us up at Newton and drove us to Vivo City on SUV. During the trip, we encounter something that clearly shows that ERP isn’t working.

A massive traffic jam infront of the ERP gantry which is in operation. There wasn’t any car accident or road works. There was a jam because too many cars are using the same road. Does LTA need any clearer signs to tell them that the ERP just isn’t working?
I always tell my friends that every ERP gantry the LTA set up is a sign that LTA, URA and ICA didn’t do a good job.
LTA did not plan the road at that area properly, thus causing everyone to use the same road.
URA did not plan the town properly, thus causing everyone to go to the same area.
ICA did not control the influx of new immigrants properly, thus causing a increase in our population before the infrastructure is really to support everyone.
If the 3 agencies are doing a good job, we won’t need anymore ERP gantry. Serious.
And in case you are wondering, it took us around 50 minutes to travel from Newton to Vivo city during peak hours. I kid you not.
PS: I still remember someone said that it only takes 20 minutes to reach any corner of Singapore.


  1. Who say ERP doesn’t work. It working very well earning more money to pay our highly paid Ministers that doesn’t do anything for Singapore Citizens.
    LTA are doing good job by increasing the ERP gantries so they can have money to enlarge the road to lessen traffic jam, and they give all the credits to ERP gantries and themselves.

  2. Hey, that somebody is correct you know…
    For that somebody and his cronies, they have outriders to block off traffic so they all have a smooth ride…
    I kid you not – they will not only block off sections of the road, they will also flag down other cars that are travelling too close to them…
    Now, who says they can’t get to any corner of Singapore within 20 minutes?

  3. Kid you not too…
    I once saw that the outriders cleared ALL lanes along PIE (towards Changi Airport, near Paya Labar exit) for some big foreign big shots, so that they can reach the airport early and in style.
    When I saw the empty lanes from a overhead bridge, I thought it was the day after tomorrow.
    Alas, no. It is just “another way to use the taxpayer’s money”.

  4. xtrocious: If that is the case, then he is very disconnected from the rest of Singapore.
    Zhenzhen: Ya lor. Maybe walk also can. Haha
    Joe: Do they do that? I didn’t know leh. I thought they don’t block the road while traveling. Only time they do it is when US president comes for visit.
    haha: All he needs is someone to clear the road.

  5. I’ve conducted a personal survey by asking 20 taxi drivers if ERP has improved traffic conditions in Singapore.
    12 answered ‘No’
    7 answered ‘It’s actually made it worse’
    1 avoided answering the question and cited how there are many toll stations in Malaysia.

  6. fusionstream: Really? Wow. I thought there are tons of such photos online. I’ll try to take more next time.
    It’s a pity that the lane on the left wasn’t filled up. The cars are being held back by the traffic lights behind.

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