Men are Strange but Excellent

I think men have been tasked with the greatest responsibility on earth – to care for every living creature, to love women at the cost of loving himself, and to lead their own tribes i.e. their own families. Don’t you think men have a lot to shoulder? That is why I respect them.
Although men can be difficult to understand at times.
Men may have unfathomable hobbies such as watching football or sniffing laptops. *shrugs*
Men may be so tired out by their gigantic responsibilities that they fall asleep standing up. Here’s one who have found an alternative use for a Lenovo S10 laptop.
Men may blush and hide behind a tree or a gadget when talking to women.
Men may spend more time casting their magic on gadgets instead of on the girl of his dreams.
Men may be very strange but they are still excellent. Even though men messes up all the time, life would have been a lot harder and a lot less pleasurable without them. My respect to them!
This has been a guest post by Precious.


  1. Thanks for your keen observation and tribute to men! And I love the model in the photos, Hillary! I meant the Lenovo IdeaPad S10 lah! Ok ok – DK doesn’t look half bad as well. 😛

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