Reservist Day Twelve – The do nothing day

**This entry was hand written on 28 Nov 2008**
Woke up late. Too tired after yesterday’s exercise. My platoon mate next to me just return from nights off. I remember he left camp when I went to bed last night. Haha.
Went for late breakfast to find that I’m not the only person who woke up late. Anyway, there isn’t anything for today. So why bother? ICT is ending. We played UNO after breakfast. Its been a long time since I last played that game. We played until we are tired of the game.
We did the end of ICT survey in the afternoon. The survey is rather high tech now. Instead of using paper and pencil to shade the oval, we are issued a handphone look alike device to key in our selection. Pretty good. They are able to retrieve the results immediately. Well, at least this new technology works fine compared to some other shitty equipment. But there is still room for improvement to make it even better.
We were given nights off again since we had nothing to do. There is a cock up at the guard house again. Sigh. Sometimes I wonder the intelligent level of the guards there. The 3G army requires 3G brain and mentality to operate.

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