They spend two years and S$1.3 million to study something we already know

I can’t believe they spend 2 years and S$1.3 million to study if Tsunamis will hit Singapore.

A study commissioned by the National Environment Agency (NEA) has confirmed that there is a low probability of Singapore being affected by a tsunami.
The two—year, S$1.3 million study was jointly conducted by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

I thought it is already a known fact that Singapore is well protected from Tsunamis? Still need to waste S$1.3 to study meh?
And I do remember someone writing to newspaper 4 years ago after the Asia Tsunamis asking if there is any early warning system for Tsunamis. I even wrote a blog entry on my old blog countering it. Dated Dec 2004.

Does S’pore have quake alert?
I’m still laughing after reading tis……
WE all now realise how catastrophic a tsunami can be, wreaking incredible havoc on life and property.
This time round Singapore has escaped unscathed, but what if the seismic shift had been further south? Would we be hit like Penang and Phuket?
What I am concerned about is whether Singapore has any kind of early warning system to avert such a disaster. If not, the authorities should seriously consider putting one in place.
– Roger Poh
Source from Streats
Dear Mr Poh
Singapore is surrounded by Malaysia, Sumatra and Riau Archipelago. Any tsunami will be blocked by these large land mass around us. The only chance that a tsunami will hit singapore is when a Asteroid fall into the Straits of Singapore. Which the possibility of having 1 hitting earth is 0.003800000% (Source from Nasa)
Please go back to Secondary School and study your geography all over again.

If only NEA reads my blog entry back then. Sigh.


  1. shinchi: Don’t get me started…. Still got Budget terminal, Bukit Panjang LRT, AMK mall etc etc etc…..
    Knight: Quite unlikely that SG will ever have earthquake. Tremors from nearby quake possible.
    Felix: Not asking them to employ me. Just hope they will stop wasting taxpayers money.
    xinyun: Oh…. that’s you and me lah. Hahaha

  2. Scientist will always be a scientist who always go after facts and figures.
    If Singapore is not protected what then? Migrate everyone to other countries?

  3. Under the anonymous “dk” you can afford to be brave so you can be arrogant, rude and smug. You need not be rude even though you disagree with others’ opinions.
    What if an earthquake occurs further south between the straits between Sumatra and Java?
    Disagree that this is a possibility? Well,you are entitled to your opinion.
    So, young man, learn some manners.It’ll stand you in good stead.
    (tip: practise how to disagree tactfully)

  4. KDK: It’s funny that you call me anonymous when you are the anonymous person here. I’m not anonymous online. A lot of people already know me offline and I can be contacted thru many means. 🙂
    If earthquake occurs between the straits between Sumatra and Java, we are still safe. Take a look at the map first. We don’t have any direct line from here to there. If there is a Tsunami, it will be blocked by the Riau Archipelago.
    Any more possible places?

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