Damn, how did he miss the shot?

I guess by now, everyone would have seen this video clip.

Damn, how did he miss the shot? Twice somemore.
I bet most 90% of the world wished that the shoe hit him. I was staring at the youtube video clip with disbelief. I even replayed it several times. How could he miss? The hope for the entire mankind lies on those 2 shoes. Our only hope for revenge.
I’ve always thought that the secret service are highly trained and can protect the president. I thought they would jump on the person and pin him down before he can pull out a gun. But apparently, the secret service aren’t that good after all. That guy even got time to take off his 2nd shoe and throw at him. And we always thought the secret service guys are fast enough to jump into the path of a bullet to block the bullet for the president.
Or maybe because the shoe was traveling faster than the bullet?
Anyway, I heard that from now on, all reporters must be barefooted when interviewing President-out-going George Bush. Luckily he is stepping down soon.
Oh, as expected, the internet is full of people making fun of this incident. I mean, why not? Since America is a land of free speech.

I kinda like the matrix one.

But I guess the best one should be this…….

Cause that’s the outcome everyone wished for in their heart.


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