Behind the scene: Broadband-ing Rinaz's wedding

Couple of weeks ago, Rinaz issued the Tech65 crew a challenge. Broadband her wedding. Her wedding is held at her void deck. She stayed on the 10th floor. And there is no free WIFI network around.
So we brainstormed for the perfect solution. 3G modem is not going to do the trick as the load will be heavy. We thought of throwing a super long telephone cable down from her house, but she is using Starhub cable broadband. So the solutions….. Buy a 50m long Ethernet cable from Sim Lim Sq.

Attach it to the cable modem, throw the Ethernet cable from level 10 all the way down to the ground floor.

And setup the wireless router downstair.

So there you have it, a broadband-ed wedding. Look forward to the live streaming that is going to take place later.
This is going to be the Social Media Wedding of the year. Congrats to Cartcart and Rinaz.


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