Do we get a refund if there is a jam at the ERP gantry?

Something that comes into my mind while stuck in a traffic jam few meters away from an ERP gantry. Do we get a refund if there is a jam at the ERP gantry?

The purpose of an ERP gantry is to reduce traffic congestion. But if it didn’t works as it is supposed to be, shouldn’t we get a refund or something? Perhaps LTA should look into ways to refund drivers when the ERP gantry didn’t do what it is supposed to do.


  1. I agree to Wee Kee! refund is impossible! the common strategy used by our smart and entrepreneurial government is to increase the fee.
    p.s. our government is smart and entrepreneurial. Despite the oil price is falling, Mr Raymond Lim, Minister of Transport said, ” This is because the public transport fare is not directly linked to the oil prices. We link it to national factors, like the inflation level in Singapore, and the wage level in the whole of Singapore.”
    neo´s last blog post..MacBook Air’s fatal wireless flaw – Are there?

  2. Weekee: But how much is high enough? If people have to use that road, they have to use it. And if you going to increase to a price where most people cannot afford, the business will move away from that area.
    Neo: I think he just run out of excuses.

  3. Cherie: No choice wor, the traditional media has been saying good things about ERP lately. So we must let everyone know the real thing. 🙂

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