1. DK, they’re doing good, but not best yet. (Look at the blank space infront of your camera and your ability to lift your hand up for a photo.)
    I was on Shanghai’s MRT 3 weeks ago. You really feel like Sardine having your body pushed against each others’. Not to mention it was Sunday that I took train.
    I wasn’t even able to lift my hand up, or to move or even hold on to the hand rails.
    Just my two cents.

  2. Uh huh…And there i was thinking that the importance of the train was transport convenience. Well, I couldn’t be any more wrong I suppose. Indulging in armpit juice and smelly farts come first.

  3. I have been on the Shanghai MRT before and while it is true it is packed beyond imagination, Shanghai also has a higher population density where people from surrounding towns comes into the city to work. On top of which, there’s a turnover of passengers every few stations. Try get that kind of turnover in Singapore.
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  4. Kevin: Good idea. Let me collect more photos first. 🙂
    Felix: Why we compare with Shanghai? Why not compare ourselves with other countries who are doing better?
    Johahn: Armpit juice and smelly fart? eeerrr….. eeerrr….
    Xizor: The town planning also plays an important role. We got too many stuff on the central already. Causing everyone to all go to town in the morning and thus such a packed train.

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