The longest Christmas ever

This year has got to be one of the longest Christmas ever.
It started from the afternoon on 23th where I met S a for Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry. We then hopped over to Awfully Chocolate for another scope of Ice Cream. Yes, scoop shop hopping. We must be crazy.
I had a dinner gathering at Fish n Co with 18 online friends at night. It’s a great gathering, even better than the one we had last year. We had gift exchange and I cheated a little bit. I bought the same thing as I brought last year. Well, nobody knows anyway. I got a jar of great cookies from Sumin. They are amazing. Love it.
The next day, I had a mini Christmas Eve lunch at office. Wanted to order Pizza didn’t. Canadian said they can only deliver in 4 hours. Rites beat them by promising 4.5 to 5 hours. But the best of the best goes to Pizza hut, can’t even get thru their hotline. In the end, I decided to walk over to Pasta Mania at Bugis Junction to order pizza. Waiting time is 20 minutes. Together with donuts from donuts factory and some other finger food, we had our first BLOG2u/BAK2u Christmas party. It’s a small party as not everyone could attend. Let’s hope the party gets bigger and bigger each year.
Went over to my 2nd Sister’s house for Christmas eve dinner. Its a simple dinner with the family. Will be a bigger crowd next year as my elder sister is going to give birth within this few weeks.
After dinner, I pop over to Minds Cafe to meet Jean, Alice, Cheryl and Yann for some board game. We didn’t get enough of it even after 2 hours of board games. So we hop over to the nearby McDonalds to play Dominion. Its quite a fun game actually. We stop at around 3am plus, send Yann home and went to West Coast McDonalds for breakfast before sending the rest of the ladies home.
Slept at 6am on Christmas and woke up at 2pm. Check some emails and left home for Cheryl home with Jean, Alice and Yann to play another few rounds of Dominion before we decided that it is time for us to get out of the house and grab some dinner. Went Changi Airport for a late Sakae Sushi dinner. After dinner, we send Alice and Yann home and headed to Kallang McDonalds for another round of Dominion. Haha.
Played until 3 plus before sending the ladies home. Reach home and surf net until now. Strange, it’s 8am already and I still couldn’t sleep. Don’t know why. Maybe I don’t want to let Christmas be over so soon.

It’s a great Christmas with great company. Throwing all the troubles out of the window and enjoying the last few days of the year. Hope every year can be just as good this.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Let your heart be light
From now on,
our troubles will be out of sight


  1. i tried the icecream today and recommended to my colleagues. yes u r right. its great! was the ben n jerrys that blinded me.. hahahahah!

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