My 4 mentors in Entrepreneurship

Its been slightly more than a year since I took up the challenges and become an entrepreneur. Together with Paddy and my investor, we build BLOG2u to where it is today. It was a tough route, but filled with great challenges along the way which motivated us to push on and strive for higher ground.
I must say that 2008 is one of the best year in my life. I still remember someone saying that the best way to learn something is to dig a hole and jump in. Either you learn to climb out or you will be buried inside. I’m glad that I took up that advice and took the plunge. I’ve learned a lot during this 1 year. Things that can never be taught in school or business books.
And most importantly, I’ve learned tons of entrepreneurship skills from 4 person. These are my mentors in entrepreneurship.
Paddy – One of the main reason why I’m willing to leave my “so-so” paid job and become an entrepreneur is because I can learn a lot of things from him. And I’m really glad that I did. Working together with him is great. He always tells me the reasons for making certain decision or move. He is always quick to spot opportunities.
Cobalt Paladin – A very successful entrepreneur. His company is the leader in his own industry. I enjoyed talking to him. His way of doing business is rather unique and in my own opinion, rather different from Paddy’s. His analytic skills are fantastic and he is quick to come up with great ideas. Talking to him sometimes is like brainstorming session.
Eastcoastlife – Another very successful entrepreneur. Although until now I still not very exactly sure what’s her business all about. She is very straight forward and outspoken. And I admire her courage to venture into China to do business. Thru her, I’ve learn a lot about how to deal with difficult people and how to do business in China. It is always an eye opener when she tells me about her adventures in China.
My investor – Cannot be named as he doesn’t want to be in the limelight. All I can say is that he retired at 40+. I’ve learnt a lot from him while working together at BLOG2u. He taught me on how to do accounting and book keeping. He also has vast knowledge on dealing with salesperson. And that how I learn to manage our sales staff in BLOG2u. Something that you don’t learn in school.
Looking forward to the challenges ahead in 2009.


  1. Thanks for the kind mention. We are all learning from each others 🙂
    I am quick temper, quick thinking and want things as fast too. Even I myself feel breathless at times. haha!

  2. Alamak! Don’t know what I do you still can learn from me!?
    I 杀人放火! 逼良为娼! 放高利贷!搞帮派!I’m 奸商!
    You still have a lot to learn. Don’t worry or be frightened about the falling part. Fall down you pick yourself up. Be prepared for the rocky road ahead.
    When you make your million, then you come join me 搞帮派!
    hiak hiak hiak…….

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