Things to note while doing online booking for a 3D movie at Cathay

I’m writing this blog entry to warn everyone to be careful when doing online booking at Cathay website. Treat this as a Public Service Announcement (PSA).
We wanted to watch Bolt last Saturday. There are 2 formats out there, the normal one and the 3D version. Well, obviously we wanted to watch the 3D version to experience the “In your face and out of this world” experience. We tried booking at GV website but there isn’t any suitable timeslot.
So we hop over to Cathay website. We went to the “Now showing” page and found the movie Bolt.

Note that the 3D logo was shown clearly on this screen. We clicked on the book ticket online button and was directed to a page to select movie timeslot.

So we choose a suitable timeslot and book our tickets. When we reached the theater, I was shocked that there wasn’t any 3D glasses. It wasn’t the 3D version. We got the tickets for the non 3D version. After the movie, we went back to the box office to check with the manager. The manager said that 3D is only available at The Cathay. The remaining theaters are showing the normal version.
But I was directed to the movie booking page via the “Now Showing” page which has a big logo saying “3D”. The manager pointed out the “fine print” that says “Exclusively at The Cathay Cineplex!” For the uninitiated, The Cathay Cineplex means The Cathay at Orchard. Other Cathay cinema like Cineleisure and Causeway point is not THE Cathay Cineplex.
And when I asked why was I directed to a booking page for non 3D version when I click on a link that says 3D, the manager could not answer us. But he did pointed out that on the booking page, we should click “Bolt 3D” instead of “Bolt”.

But the “Now Showing” page shows the “3D” logo. Isn’t that misleading? Shouldn’t the “Now Showing” page lead you to book for 3D version? Or both the 3D and non 3D version? We feedback to the box office manager and ask him to feedback to the management. I wonder if the message will be passed down.
Now, take a look at what Golden Village is doing.

No wonder GV has better online booking website. The 3D and non 3D version is clearly stated to avoid confusion.
So, here is a warning to everyone out there. Becareful when making an online booking for 3D movie at Cathay. Make sure it state 3D on the booking page.


  1. While there are shortcomings in the Cathay site, I think Cathay has perhaps the cheapest tickets in Singapore for movies and perhaps the FASTEST site for movie bookings compared to the Java-heavy GV one. 🙂

  2. Oh man! I faced the same trouble but I was saved by the inefficacy of Cathay’s website booking. God it’s bad! So ultimately, I was saved from watching a Bolt 3D in 2D thanks to their website being bad.

  3. Xizor: But I cannot stand Cathay for their timer on top of the screen while you booking the ticket. Wah ciao…. making me super kan jiong man.
    Johahn: Good for you. Try catch the 3D version. Should be much better. 🙂
    Buny: I totally agree that GV has the best online booking site experience. I attended their focus group once. Pretty impressed by the things they are doing.

  4. Very helpful entry. Thanks for this public service announcement. We like watching at Cathay, but I must agree that the poor usability in the reservation web site can be misleading. I hope the feedback reached the management.
    There are other sites (here in SG) that have poor usability which lead to errors/problems for users, maybe we can compile and write a post about it.
    Singapore Fountain Pen
    Singapore Fountain Pen´s last blog post..A Visit To The Saujana Kuala Lumpur

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