Just give me a McSpicy meal

Here is the process I went thru lately when placing an order at McDonalds.
Mcd: Hello, welcome to McDonalds.
Me: One McSpicy Meal, take away.
Mcd: Would you like to have a Mega McSpicy? (Mega means 2 piece of meat patty)
Me: No thanks.
Mcd: Upsize?
Me: No. (If I wanted to upside, I would say upsize right?)
Mcd: Want to change your fries to twister fries? (Yes, twister fries is back)
Me: No, normal fries will do.
Mcd: Coke for your drinks?
Me: Yes. (I thought the default drink is coke unless stated.)
Mcd: Any dessert to go along?
Me: No.
Mcd: Having here or take away?
Me: Take away. (If you notice, I already said take away in the beginning)
Mcd: Total will be $6.95
Which most likely explains why the queue at McDonalds is getting longer and longer. They asked too many questions even when the order is straight forward. Does anyone at McDonalds knows what is a McSpicy Meal? A McSpicy Meal comes with a McSpicy burger (single patty), Medium fries (not those twister type) and a small coke. Why is it so hard to order a McSpicy Meal? Why the need to ask so much question when my order is so clear to you?
If I wanted Mega McSpicy meal, I would have ordered Mega McSpicy instead of McSpicy. If I wanted upsize, I would have told you to upsize. If I wanted twister fries, I would have told you to change my fries to twister fries. If I wanted any drinks other than coke, I would have told you so. And if I want dessert, I would have ordered it without you asking.
Just give me a freaking McSpicy Meal without asking me a whole list of questions as if I’m taking an exam!


  1. pkchukiss: I’m ok with mild upselling. But I think they a bit the over upselling. Every single option also wanna try to upsell.
    Imagine buying a desktop and the person try to upsell every single possible options. Will die.

  2. Johahn: But but but…. that’s a bit the hard leh. Hahaha
    Jialat: I think the issue is getting more and more serious. In the past, its just asking if you want to upsize. Now they are asking you for every single possible combination.

  3. There’s just too many options fo the customers nowadays.
    It’s a long time since my last mac meal. I think they should pay more attention to their price. It’s getting expensive to dine there.

  4. Some customers don’t know, ask only what. I think you are guai lan. Ask only also can make you hot. Maybe you are having some stress at work or at home is it? When you are TU LAN, anything you hear also si bei SIA LAN, then you act like very GUAI LAN, but in the end, no matter what you do or say, you also LAN LAN because nothing wrong if they ask you something. If you say they force you to buy then that is something wrong. All this are marketing techniques, you’re in business too, you should know right.

  5. Susan: It’s just a harmless rant. I’m ok with some attempt to up sell. But attempt to up sell on every single options is just too much already.

  6. I think you are being too fussy about all this. It’s just plainly their main job and their responsibility to ask, rather then when you say it too fast, they give you the wrong order, and get themselves into trouble. Does repeating a few sentences kill? use your god damn brain to think la.. YOU ARE JUST PLAIN CHILDISH.. GET A LIFE!!!

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