The ever changing business world

Been busy over the past few weeks at work. (Yes, I have a job outside my blog.) We have been busy working on the new business model for BLOG2u.
They say that the recession is here. But I personally feel that the impact isn’t here yet. The spending habit of Singaporeans and Companies hasn’t changed much since the announcement of recession. I do hope the impact will never be felt in Singapore. Nevertheless, we need to constantly evolve our business model to stay ahead of time and keep ourselves alive if the recession really hits us. The last few weeks of 2008 was spend brainstorming on new ideas and direction for 2009. I believe our team has come up with an excellent plan for 2009. Everything looks exciting. I wish I could share all the plans with everyone now but some of them are still work in progress. As such, I can only share those that has been announced so far.
BLOG2u announced today that we have acquired SGBloggers, a local blog hosting site. We believe that SGBloggers can complement the services provided by BLOG2u. We have plans to roll out new services that will benefit both our clients and bloggers.
2009 is going to be an exciting year for BLOG2u. This is just one baby step towards our goal. More new services to come in the next few months. Look out for it!


  1. Spending habits haven’t changed? It is already evident in the slower hiring.
    In recession, people will be looking for more value when they spend. They’ll be trying to stretch their dollar at any possibility. So companies that ride through this period are those that can keep their spending tight, and throw out more values per dollar. That will put you in a good position to see the recession through.

  2. Congrats blog2u!
    From a business perspective, the spending habits have changes but for the better for advertising firm like you guys here to engage companies better more value for money.
    Susan, I think dk do not mean in that context. Nonetheless, great for you guys!@@!

  3. Susan: I said hasn’t changed much. The change in spending habit is rather slow and we can see the trend that it is going. I can’t reveal much here since this is a public blog. But we are definitely moving towards the direction. 🙂
    Federick: Thanks. 🙂

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