Singaporean wanted by Interpol

According to the newspaper, a Singaporean by the name of Jerry Ee is currently wanted by the Interpol in connection with the recent Raffles City Cortina thief. It is reported that S$8m worth of watches were stolen last december.
This means that he can be arrested by any of Interpol’s 187 member countries and extradited back to Singapore. And if I’m not wrong, there are only 8 countries that are not member of the Interpol. That means he is in deep trouble. Although some of the countries that are not a member of Interpol has pretty good looking beaches. Sorry, I digress.
What caught my attention was the photo that Interpol used on their wanted people page.
A photo of the person with a V sign? Hmmm……. Nice choice of photo.
PS: On a serious note, please inform your local police if you see this guy. Chinese, 35 year old, 1.62 m and 50kg. Conversant in English, Mandarin and Thai.


  1. Arrested finally. my brother used to buy watches from this salesman a couple of times mentioned he was a nice dude. wonder what happen

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