Where the hell is Mas Selamat?

Ever since Mas Selamat escaped from Whitley Road Detention Centre on 27 Feb 2008, one burning question is left unanswered. “Where the hell is Mas Selamat?”
Well, Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng gave us an official answer couple of days back.

ALMOST a year after he escaped from custody, where is terror fugitive Mas Selamat Kastari?
Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng narrowed it to either of two scenarios: one, he is in Singapore and hidden by sympathisers unknown to the authorities, or, two, he has fled the country.
Asked which was the more likely, Mr Wong told The Straits Times: ‘It’s very hard to say. Both scenarios are plausible. Maybe the second one is more plausible.’

WOW. Thank you Mr Wong for the fabulous answer. Yes, indeed, Mas Selamat is either in Singapore or outside Singapore. I don’t think there is a third possible scenario. No wonder we are paying Mr Wong millions of dollars each year.

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