Note to self

Next time, find a good webhost and stick to it until the end of time. Divorcing your webhost is not a fun thing to do.
If you are seeing this blog entry on the top of my blog, that means the move haven’t taken place yet.
If you can’t see anything when you access my blog url, that means the move is currently taking place. (Hmmm… and how would you get to read this message)
I’ll post another new blog entry when I’m done moving. In the meantime, just hope that I won’t ever need to change webhost again.
PS: My email might get disrupted too. Sigh.


  1. I can feel you man. I let my friend to manage my site. I hope I don’t need to “divorce” him one day. That would be very hard … lol.
    The most tedious thing I have ever done was to migrate from one blog engine to another. From Joomla to WordPress. I have to manually copy and paste comments one by one and manually key in time stemp. That is darn hard … very darn hard.

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