It's going to be a brilliant Chinese New Year

I just discovered that there is going to be a lapse in my blog. Here is what that is going to happen. My blog hosting on dreamhost is going to end on 26 Jan (Tomorrow). My domain DNS transfer will not be taking place until 28 Jan because of the public holidays. Which means that my blog and email will not be usable during this Chinese New Year period. Isn’t that brilliant?
Don’t ask me why man. It’s a long story. Oh well.
So before my blog go completely down, I would like to wish everyone 恭喜发财 心想事成.


  1. Happy New Year to you too!
    Why not get DreamHost to point your domain name to your new server first before you initiate the domain transfer? I did that when I migrated my domain to SliceHost. That way, you’re site would still be up during the domain transfer phase.

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