Wah ciao! DK migrate slower than tortoise!

Finally migrated everything from Dreamhost to Gatorhost. WOOHOO!!!
It was a tedious task. I wish Gatorhost won’t fail me the same way that Dreamhost failed me. I don’t want to change webhost again in another year time. If only there is a better process for migrating wordpress. Something automated would be great. (LAZY ME!!!)
I think I can write a blog post on how to migrate your entire wordpress from 1 webhost to another. Although I’m sure this is not the best method. Else I wouldn’t have put this up while I was transferring my stuff over.
Seriously, I think the tortoise can migrate faster than me.
OK, now that I’ve finally moved my blog to the new webhost, let’s start clearing some backlogs blog articles. Hello Gatorhost! 😀


  1. Welcome back! But hor, you very cunning hor…. say you migrate slower than tortoise. Remember the tortoise vs hare story? The Tortoise won. So you are indirectly telling us you very fast lor…
    Tsk! Tsk!

  2. Susan: DNS propagating took less than 24hr for all local ISP. I was referring to the migration of data from the old webhost to the new one. Is that the right word? 🙂
    Vic: Yeah… will do so soon. :0

  3. Next time when you do a host migration, set your email in your old host to forward them to another temporary email address (gmail, yahoo etc). That way, when the new IP is not propagated yet, you will still receive the emails sent to your old host.
    Cobalt Paladin’s last blog post..Chinese New Year 2009

  4. if you’re currently using cpanel, and your future webhost also uses cpanel, then everything will be automated and smooth.
    congrats on the move, and do you mean hostgator?

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