Google street view driver hit a baby deer

The Google Street View project is filled with controversy. A Google street view car hit a baby deer at Five Points Road, New York and recorded the whole incident. The photos were uploaded to Google Maps for everyone to see. Nobody noticed it until recently and it resulted in a mini uproar in the internet.
Google released an statement on their blog. The driver did hit the deer. He stopped the car and called the local police but the deer managed to move before the police arrives. Google has removed the image of the deer and even use this opportunity to give driving tips on deer encounters. Good job.
I wonder when will Singapore’s Google Street View be ready.


  1. Who cares that they hit a deer…? It happens hundreds of times a day. I could understand if they hit a kid or something but is just a deer. They run out in the road all the time. Just look along side the highways.

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