Some clarification to the newspaper articles

Today and Straits Times both run an article on the Association of Bloggers (Singapore) today. In case you are still unaware, I’m one of the 8 bloggers who quit. (Straits Times: 8 already lah, not 7)
Serene from Straits Times contacted me a couple of days ago for an interview but I politely declined. Reason being that I’ve left the Association and it is inappropriate for me to comment. Although Alicia from Today didn’t contact me, I would have given her similar response if she did. Judging from my short blog entry about me quitting the association, one might have guessed that I don’t want to comment much about it.
I still keep my eyes on blog/plurk/twitter/forum/newspaper that talk about the association although I don’t actively participate in the discussion. I still know what is happening around. And I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the 2 newspaper trying to imply similar things.
Quotes from The Straits Times:

But The Straits Times understands that another key (resignation) reason is the storm of protests unleashed by the blogosphere after the group made known its plans to charge membership fees, vet potential members and impose a code of conduct.

Quotes from Today:

The sudden departures mostly stem from the negative response to the association…..

I’ve clearly stated my reason for resignation on my resignation letter to both the President and Secretary. While I do not wish to reveal the reason for my resignation here, I would like to clarify that it has nothing to do with the negative comments from the blogosphere. Yes, there are tons of negative comments. There are also people who poke fun of the association. While I admit that these comments can be distracting sometimes, none of these contributed to my resignation. I also believe none of the committee members left the association because of negative comments from the blogosphere.


  1. Don’t start feeling all important now. noone gives a shit about your quitting.
    But if you really want clarify, have the balls to spell it out in full
    You are never loyal to ABS in the first place. It has been a mistake for ABS to have you as the committee member.

  2. If you really want to flame ppl, have the balls to put your real name and blog. why pinpoint these two persons’ names. very interesting.
    Just who are you.
    and i agree with forceflow why should we give a rat’s ass about your thoughts.
    what a loser.

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