Triathletes banned

This is one of those cases makes me shake my head and sigh at the sorry state of our local sporting scene.

SINGAPORE’S top male and top female triathletes have been slapped with a competition ban for being caught alone together in a hotel room at the Asian Beach Games in Bali last October.
Mr Mok Ying Ren, 20, and Miss Dinah Chan, 22, were told of their punishment late last week following an investigation into the incident by an inquiry panel, a Triathlon Association of Singapore (TAS) spokesman said yesterday.
Although the duration of the ban is unknown, it is unlikely that the duo would be prevented from competing at the major races this year – the first of which will be the March 27-29 Mekong River ITU Triathlon Asian Cup in Thailand.
The athletes had arrived on Oct 24 and were staying in separate rooms at the Mercure Resort Sanur hotel near Mertasari Beach, the venue of their Oct 26 event.
Sources said that Miss Chan, a National Institute of Education post-graduate student, feared for her safety – the athletes had allegedly been informed of bomb threats – and could not sleep well on the first night. So she went to Mr Mok’s room, which was in another block.
The duo – widely speculated in the triathlon fraternity to be dating – are believed to have been caught, although not in a compromising position, when national coach Guo Weidong visited the room that night.

I don’t really see what is wrong with a guy and girl being in the same hotel room. Like the article mentioned, they are not in a compromising position. Even if they are, both of them has already reached legal age. So why the ban? OK, they broke a code of conduct for athletes which forbids male and female athletes from sharing a room. Wouldn’t a warning be good enough? It’s not as if they took drug like Michael Phelps . Come on! Stop wasting our money on sports if you going to ban the athletes for such minor issues. Who still want to be an athlete after this?
Sometimes really no eyes see the things that Singapore Sports Council is doing.

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  1. Heheh.. Not unexpected.. They have similar rules in the dorms at the universities here… No members of opposite sex in your room after 10pm.. And before that if you have.. the door has to be left open.. No wonder the gays and lesbians are so happy.. 😛
    NTT’s last blog post..What’s this Zii about??

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