Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

OK, my calendar isn’t faulty. Today is 6 Feb and not 9 Aug. But today is really Singapore’s birthday although its not celebrated or remembered by most. Taken from yesterday.sg:

On this day in 1819, Malaya’s Tengku Hussein granted the British rights to establish a trading post in Singapore. A formal treaty was signed and modern Singapore was born.

That’s 190 years ago. OK, I’m sure everyone studied that in social studies. (Is it still called social studies now? Or did they rename that subject?)
Happy Birthday Singapore!!!!
Thanks to Daniel for reminding everyone on Twitter. You can read more about the founding of modern Singapore here.
Oh, and today also happen to be the official launch of the new yesterday.sg website. I just came back from the launch event. Congrats to Walter and his hardworking team for a job well done.
Do check it out the new yesterday.sg website. I love the Today in History and Heritage TV.


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