Singtel will be the first in Asia to sell the HTC Dream

I was kinda surprised by the press release that was delivered to my inbox today morning. Apparently, Singtel is going to be the first in Asia to sell the HTC Dream aka HTC G1 aka Android phone. WOW!
We were all trying to guess which Telco will sell the HTC Dream in Singapore. Most of us were guessing that Starhub will bring in the HTC Dream since Singtel already got the iPhone (and is holding on to it tightly). It would be interesting to see Starhub sell HTC Dream and Singtel sell iPhone. But seems like we aren’t going to see our 2 major Telco in Singapore engage in a smartphone war. Instead, Singtel up the stake by being the first to sell HTC Dream in Singapore.
Talk about “One Telco to rule them all”. (Them as in Smartphones)
I wonder what will happen if Singtel also manages to get the exclusive rights to Palm Pre. Wooo…. That will be a 3 hit combo to M1 and Starhub.
The press release didn’t mention anything about the exact launch date and the pricing. Last check at Singtel Hello shop online store also didn’t mention anything about the HTC Dream. Argh. Why must they do this to me?
But one thing for sure, Android is coming to Singapore. And that, my friend, is not a dream.


  1. It might be as early as Valentine day which is next week. I got a photocopy of the news article. It should be from the Business Times on Tuesday titled “Singtel lands a V-Day date with ‘Google phone’
    “Industry insiders said SingTel’s big bargaining chip is that its handsets can be carried also by regional associates such as Globe Telecom in the Philipines and AIS in Thailand”
    hopefully Starhub gets to bring in the G2.

  2. Weekee: Yeap, apart from Optus, Singtel also has shares in several other telco in the region. I guess perhaps that why iPhone and HTC dream went to Singtel.
    Isaak: Ya man. Looks like they are in a very good position to widen the gap.
    Shuyun: Thanks. I wonder how much will the phone cost.

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