UniSIM website hacked

Got this warning from Google Chrome when I tried accessing UniSIM website last Saturday.
My University’s website might be hosting malware? WOW! What on earth is happening man?
And no, this is not related to the issue where google labeled the entire internet as malware.
At first I thought it must be some script that UniSIM run in the background that made Google Chrome think that the site host malware. But I soon found out the reason why. The UniSIM website was hacked.

The SIM University website was first attacked on 26 January 2009 and the attack stopped on 29
January 2009. Our website has since been restored.
You may still see the advisory page from Google if you are using Firefox or Safari. We have
contacted Google and it will take Google some time to remove the message. We would suggest
that, in the meantime, you make use of the Internet Explorer to browse the UNISIM website.

These hackers are really very clever. They choose to hack the site on Chinese New Year when all the staff are away. So for that 4 days, the UniSIM website was hacked and serving malware? I wonder if anyone has a screenshot of the website when it was hacked.
Well, one good thing about the hacking is that our assignment due date has been extended. Woohoo!


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