Dating Violence Awareness Week

I was invited to attend the press conference of the launch of Dating Violence Awareness Week last Saturday. From 7th to 14th Feb 2009, public education campaign will be carried out to raise awareness on dating violence among young Singaporeans aged 17 to 25. (Damn, I missed the age group. Haha) The event was launched by Dr Maliki Osman, Parliamentary Secretary for National Development.
Between Oct and Nov 2008, PAVe and NTU undergraduates conducted a survey to determine the level of awareness of dating violence among young Singaporeans aged 16 to 30. It was found that 52.23% of those surveyed have not heard of the term “dating violence”. About one third (32.7%) of the respondents surveyed said they knew someone who could be a victim of dating violence. However 84% of the respondents did not know of any helpline to contact for help.
In addition, only 4.71% would turn to social workers for help if they were subjected to dating violence. Almost all of the respondent (97.7%) indicated that they would turn to their friends for help while 47% would turn to their immediate family members. Although the survey didn’t ask, I’m sure quite a number of them will also search the internet for more information.
Most abusive relationships display a distinct pattern, known as the Cycle of Violence.
Tension build-up stage
Explosion stage
Honeymoon stage
Abuse is rarely constant but alternates between the 3 stages. This cycle typically move through three phases and continuously repeats this pattern. As the cycle is repeated, the violence usually increases in frequency and severity. Which is why there is a need to stop dating violence before it get worst.
During the Awareness week, the social workers and undergraduates will reach out directly o the community through talks at VJC, Girls’ and Boy’s homes. Informational booths will also be setup at NUS and NTU to faciliate interaction with students. Other communication efforts involve broadcasting the campaign video on MTV Channel and School campuses, piloting a Facebook group and a campaign website.

Choose love, not abuse.
Many thanks to Carmen Lee from NTU for the media invite to the launch event. Wish you and your team a successful campaign.
Helpline for advice and support:
Centre for Promoting Alternatives to Violence (PAVe): 65550390
Family Service Centre: 1800 8380100 / 1800 2255372
TRANS Centre: 64490762

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