Seletar Cat Killer

The SPCA is Appealing for Witnesses
On Thursday night 29 January, the SPCA received a report from the police that 45 cats had been buried along Seletar Road within Seletar estate. A resident had called them complaining about a stench.
When SPCA’s Animal Handling Officer attended to the call, he saw five garbage bags along Seletar Road, near vacant land. It was later observed that there were a total of 14 bags, scattered over four areas. There were also signs that the bags had originally been buried. All bags were sealed up securely with tape.
Ten of the dead cats were brought back to the SPCA and submitted to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority for a post-mortem examination to try and establish the cause of death.
SPCA has appealed through the media (see The New Paper and Lianhe Wanbao reports, 2 Feb) for any witnesses who may have information on the case to please call 62875355 ext 9.
The case is currently under police investigation.

I wish the person behind this die of horrible death.
Click here for the press release by SPCA. Warning: There are some photos at the end.


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