Respect for Wen Jiabao

It seems like shoe throwing has become the latest trend after the Bush incident. China Premier Wen Jiabao was giving a speech at Cambridge University when someone threw a shoe at him, but missed by a meter.
I must say that I really respect him. He went to the disaster area of the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake a mere few hours after the disaster occurred. Check out this youtube music video which contains some snippets of him at the disaster area. This guy is the people’s Premier.
And now I salute him for how he reacted to the shoe throwing incident.

This despicable behaviour cannot stand in the way of friendship between China and the UK.

This is the way that a leader should react when faced with criticism. As a leader of a upcoming superpower, he can kick a big fuss over this incident. He can even cut short his trip and return straight away. He can cut off ties between China and England. He can do many many things to retaliate this attack. But he choose to put down the ego, ignore the insult and use it towards his advantage. Not everyone can do this.
PS: The protester should have picked on the right person to throw his shoe. If you throw your shoe at people like Bush, the whole world is behind you. If you throw your shoe at people like Wen Jiabao, don’t expect anyone making another a shoe monument for you.
PS2: OK, I know the human rights people will come in and wack me for respecting him. But while you have your rights to fight for human rights, I have my rights to respect anyone I like. Besides, China is slowly opening up. Give them more time.


  1. Hillary: I know their human rights there is horrible. But like I said, its slowly improving.
    And also, I also believe that their human rights problem should be solved by their own people and not outsiders like us. 🙂

  2. hey! I also like the way Wen Jiabao handle the shoe throwing incident.
    With full Human Rights alone cannot government a country. Hence, it has to be balanced. Give China some time and it will improve.

  3. Dk, I hope you don’t misunderstand me. Like you, I respect his courage to travel to the earthquake area when there are still aftershocks and I respect his calm demeanor after an insult was hurled onto him.
    I didn’t claim that we are the solution to their problems.
    What I meant is that I doubt you will have the same level of respect for him if he were the PM of Singapore and he were to ban a fellow countryman’s blog (perhaps even your own) from being viewable in your own country because you raised questions about the government’s policies and procedures.
    Hillary’s last blog post..Travel Diary: Seoul 17th November 2008

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