Valentine's day

Enjoying a cup of Cafe Mocha at RC2 while surfing the net now. Looking out the window and see couple stroll by with flowers, balloons and presents. Interestingly, my last Valentine’s day was also spend at RC2, but with a big group of friends.
I still remember how much I hate being single during Valentine’s day. Looking back, I’m quite childish back then. It’s just a day where lovers celebrate their relationship. (But it’s been overly commercialized lately) Why should I hate this day? Haha.
Come to think of it, I seldom got a chance to celebrate this day. I think only 4 times? Haha. Cause most of the time I’m single during Valentine’s day. Not that I’m unlucky, more like the gals are lucky. (If you get what I mean. Haha) Which in a way is also good. Valentine’s day is over commercialized. Florist jack up the prices of flowers. And most likely the quality of the flower isn’t as good as compared to normal days. (Unless you know the florist, like me. 😀 ) Some restaurant come up with some special Valentine’s day package and mark up the prices. Others are super crowded on this day. I rather celebrate anniversary and birthday instead. At least that day is more unique.
Anyway, here is a romantic love song. Let’s hope I can get to sing this song to the gal I like.
Happy Valentine’s day to all lovers out there. Oh, and remember, Choose Love, Not Abuse. 🙂
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PS: The good thing about Valentine’s day is that places like Soup Spoon are less crowded. I guess everyone is bringing their partner to a more high class place.

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