Grab my dinner and go for a drink after that

This is one of those moments where I didn’t notice anything wrong with the things I’ve said until a couple minutes later.
Bump into my cousin while on my way to find dinner. I was deep in thoughts for an upcoming project and was kinda blur when talking to her. She asked me where I’m going and I said “Grab my dinner and go for a drink after that.” We went on separate ways after a short conversation.
While ordering my dinner, I suddenly recall my conversation and discovered that I might have cause a misunderstand. I intended to have dinner then go have a cup of coffee at Starbucks after that. But by saying “go for a drink”, she might think that I’m going for alcoholic drink like beer.
Now, if she were to go back and tell her mum and her mum go tell my dad, then I’m going to have no peace again. Confirm ganna questioned by my dad. Not that he don’t know I do drink, but he must be wondering how come I go drinking alone after work. Some more its a Monday night. While everything can be easily explained, it’s unnecessary questioning which I prefer not to have.
Can’t explain to my cousin because I don’t have her hp/email/msn/facebook/plurk/twitter/blog/pigeon/whatever.
Oh well, for the record, when I say go for a drink, I mean this drink.
PS: On the side note, I’m beginning my 4th Starbucks Passport.


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