My 1999th post

This is my 1999th blog entry on Dee Kay Dot As Gee. Woohoo!!! OK, kelong a bit cause I migrated my blog post from decayonnet. So maybe I should say it’s my 1999th blog entry on decayonnet and Dee Kay Dot As Gee.
I reached my 999th blog entry on 6 May 2007. Took me nearly 2 years to write 1000 blog posts. Wow. I wonder if this is consider fast or slow.
Lots of things have changed since 6 May 2007. People come, people go. I guess that is part of life. All the things that happen help shape who I am now.
So why do I blog?
Cause I enjoy blogging. It’s a place for me to express myself (using broken english) and voice my opinions/views on issues close to my heart. It’s also a place for me to talk about gadgets and technologies that interest me. It’s an online diary of things that are happening to me. A vault to store all the memories that I can refer to in the future to relive the moment. And most importantly, it’s a place where I get to meet new people and keep in contact with old friends.
So will I hit my 2999th blog entry? I hope I will. Just wondering when will it be.
PS: is reaching it’s 1st birthday soon. 🙂


  1. Are you sure you have 1999 blog posts? If you took 2 years to reach 999, then You need to be doing about 2 posts a day in those 2 years, almost. I don’t so right, looking at your archives. You don’t even blog on a daily basis. Most are like once every 2 days.
    I think you calculated wrongly. Or you see wrongly on the stats. Or you have a lot of hidden posts?

  2. Dora: It’s the wordpress stats. How could it be wrong? I don’t have any hidden post.
    I blog almost everyday. Sometimes 2 entries. So why isn’t it possible?

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