Sneak peak at Lenovo's upcoming products

I had the opportunity to have a sneak peak at Lenovo’s upcoming products during the Lenovo blogger’s night. The event was held last week at a nice restaurant call 7atenine located at the Esplanade. The foods and drinks were great. The ambience was romantic. In another word, poor lighting. It’s a perfect place for a romantic dinner. Not so perfect for a sneak preview at the exciting products that Lenovo is releasing soon. The place is just too dark for a decent photo. So please excuse me for all the lousy photos.
We were told that some of the demo set just arrived Singapore on that day. Wow… fresh from oven.
Let’s talk about something that is out in the market for some time already. It comes with a Wacom digitizer built-in for graphic design and drawing. I don’t remember seeing another notebook that comes with a Wacom digitizer. From what I understand, there is a dual screen version (ThinkPad W700ds), but too bad they didn’t bring it along. But it sure is a heavy notebook. And the power brick is huge too. Oh ya, did I say that it has 5 USB slot? You can basically throw away your USB hub if you get this powerhouse.
Then there is the 3 laptop by Lenovo, Y450, Y550 and Y650 which is 14-inch, 15.6-inch and 16-inch respectively. I don’t have the specs for these 3 machine yet. But I guess it is the standard specs. The nice part about this 3 laptop is the look and the nice touch pad. No news about the pricing and when it is going to hit the stores too.

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The most interesting machine that night must be the Idea Center A600. Yes, its a desktop with a form factor that looks like the HP TouchSmart. The best part about the A600 is the accessories. Wireless Keyboard, Mouse and remote control. The wireless keyboard comes with a touchpad. Wow, good for controlling the computer from a sofa. The remote control is feature packed. You can use it as a remote, a mouse, a skype phone and a joystick. Yes, a joystick. And we did try playing some airplane game using the remote as a joystick. Now, doesn’t the remote reminds you of a Wii controller.
Like the Y450, Y550 and Y650, I don’t have much specs on the A600 too. Hoping to get my hands on the A600 to really play with the airplane game great features.
Many thanks to Derrick from Lenovo and the wonderful staffs from Lenovo and Text100 for the pleasant evening.
PS: On 2nd thoughts, maybe they purposely choose a restaurant that is dark so that you get a mysterious feel from the photos. Haha. ok ok, I’m just kidding.


  1. hey just discovered on the lenovo CN website that the Y550 and Y450 is now selling.. the top Y550 has awsome specs… anyone know when it will be available in Singapore and with what specs?

  2. Hi Jack – different countries will carry different models of the Y series. Unfortunately the Y550 is only for Indonesia. Singapore will carry the Y450 and Y650, as well as the A600 all-in-one entertainment desktop with 4-in-1 motion-sensing remote control. These will be available in stores from mid- to late April onwards.
    We’ll be announcing the specs and prices on 9th April – I’ll post here again on 9th so you check back.
    Derrick Koh

  3. Yo Jack – as promised, here are some links to prices and specs of the new Lenovo IdeaCentre and IdeaPad products.
    At a glance, some pretty cool specs:
    Specs for A600:
    · Intel Pentium Dual-core T6600 Processor (2.2GHz, 800FSB, 2MB L2 Cache)
    · 4GB RAM
    · Bluray combo drive
    · 640GB HDD
    · 21.5” Full HD Frameless Screen
    · ATI Radeon HD 3650 256MB Graphics
    · Bluetooth
    · Windows® Vista Home Premium
    · Veriface (Face Recognition Technology)
    · Includes Software for  4 Games: Tennis, Table Tennis, Bowling & Snow Ball
    · Wireless Keyboard & Wireless Mouse
    · Hybrid TV Tuner
    · 1 Year On-Site Warranty
    Y450 – starts from SGD 1,399
    Y650 – SGD 2,299
    A600 – SGD 2,199
    Hope you’ll consider them for your next purchase 🙂
    Derrick Koh

  4. hihi, yes i’m very interessted in the Y450 but any idea when the Y450 with the GT 130M will be released. the current ones on sale are with too low specs for me, i dont mind to spend 2 – 2.5K but i want the y450 with the high specs. thanks for info

  5. Hi Jack – here’s the list of different full specs and options. There is no GT130M option, unfortunately. Hopefully one of them will meet your needs!
    Alternatively, do consider the IdeaPad U330 with ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3450 with 256MB GDDR3 VRAM
    Thanks for considering Lenovo!
    Derrick Koh

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