The Singtel Dream

And so, NTT, Macryu and I attended the HTC, Google and Singtel press conference last friday for the launch of the HTC Dream. Or should I say The Singtel Dream.
There wasn’t much excitement (at least for us) about the phone since it was already launched elsewhere in the world. We also managed to play with the HTC Dream way before Singtel announced that they will be bringing in the device.
The more interesting part about the HTC Dream would be the localized applications. The SavyShopper application looks interesting. The SavyShopper allows you to scan the barcode of a product and will return you a list of places where the product is sold. Plus the pricing for you to compare prices. Pretty good, but we heard that big supermarket like NTUC Fairprice and Cold Storage aren’t using the application currently. So the only major supermarket chain now is Sheng Siong. We’ll see how it go.
Another interesting application is the mioTV. It is no surprise that Singtel decided to bring mioTV to the HTC Dream. (But why didn’t they bring it to iPhone too?) It would be interesting to be able to watch mioTV while on the move. But my only 2 question is: Are we able to watch mioTV using 3G without any lag? How much will the data charges be if you watch a 1 hr movie?
The HTC Dream is available at all Hello Shop and Singtel authorized distributors. Pricing for HTC Dream (In SGD, 24mth contract, after $200 trade-in):
$238 with 3G iFlexi Lite plan ($39 per mth)
$138 with 3G Flexi plan ($56 per mth)
$38 with 3G Flexi Plus ($95 per mth)
Customers who sign up between 21 and 22 Feb will receive unlimited data download for 6 months. (Over already) Customer who sign up thereafter will receive unlimited download for 1 month.
Check out Tech65 live blog during the press conference.
Many thanks to Ivy from Singtel and Gina from The Right Spin for inviting us to the press conference.

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