I hate cafe that turn off the electricity to their powerpoint

I shall use the remaining 24% battery life on my netbook to blog this article. I wonder how long can the battery last. Turn the netbook brightness to lowest already.
I’m now at Changi Airport T3 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I thought the powerpoint at the side are for customer use. So I found a seat near the powerpoint, buy a cup of coffee and plug my cables to the powerpoint. To my horror, they turned off the electricity supply to that powerpoint. Argh. I thought only TCC does that. Didn’t expect Coffee Bean to do this too.
Perhaps this is why I frequent Starbucks so much nowadays. They provide you with lots of powerpoints in the cafe and let their customer use it. I even know some branch that have multi-plug for customers to use when the place is crowded. Thumbs up to Starbucks.
If you read my blog in the past, you will notice that I used to frequent Coffee Bean more often than Starbucks. I still prefer the coffee and ice blended at Coffee Bean. But I begin going to Starbucks more frequently nowadays because the ambiance is good and suitable for mobile warrior. They have powerpoints for customers to use. They have wireless@sg for free internet access. (Provided it’s not down) And you can be sure that you can find this two things at most (if not all) Starbucks branch in Singapore.
The same cannot be said for the rest of the cafe in Singapore.
Do note that I’m not saying all Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf in Singapore don’t allow customers to use their powerpoints. I was at Tampines a couple of week ago and the Coffee Bean at Century Square does provide lots of powerpoints for customers.
Likewise, the TCC at Bugis Junction does not allow users to use their powerpoints but I know some other branch like Funan TCC that does.
Oh well. Stupid me for not testing out the powerpoint before buying my coffee. I remember I used their powerpoint before. And I thought all Coffee Beans allow their customers to use their power point. I was wrong.
Come on, if you want to get more customers, open up your powerpoints for your customers to use.
Sigh. Perhaps I should come up with a list of cafe in Singapore that turn off the electricity to their powerpoints. And also a list of those without WIFI.
On the side note: The coffee today taste horrible. I think they overheated the milk. Can taste the burnt taste. Argh. Not my day.


  1. the starbucks at novena cuts off the electricity to certain powerpoints! it only provides electricity to the counter for studying. to be fair though the tables do say “no studying”.

  2. They f**king remove all the powerpoints at Starbucks! What’s up with that?? Isn’t Customer The King……as a result very few people come to Starbucks as i’ve noticed! I think it’s a stupid move on their part! More powerpoints equal more hoggers who come and buy your coffee!

  3. Your sense of self-entitlement is disgusting. Why on earth would Starbucks, an internationally established company, pander to the needs of self-centered Singaporeans who believe “customer is king”? I’m sure they can afford to lose customers like you, who purchase so little from them but leech off their electricity.
    On a side note, yes, a list of available power points around Singapore would be awfully useful. I’m running on low battery at Carl Jnr’s with a dead power point..

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