Merlion struck by lighting

Got some unconfirmed news that the Merlion was struck by lighting. Still waiting for the confirmation by the mainstream media. Got this info from two sources already. Might be true. Waiting for confirmation and also the amount of damage done.
I’ll update when I get confirmation of the news.
The Merlion’s original site was at the mouth of the Singapore River, facing east towards the open sea, which was the most auspicious feng-shui / geomancy position. (Signifying Singapore ‘Facing the world’) However, it was moved to the current location in 2002 due to the construction of Nicoll Highway in 1997 which blocked its view of the sea. This was deemed inauspicious by many Feng Shui experts. Coincidentally, 1997 was the start of the Asian economic crisis.
I don’t know why, but Merlion being strike by lighting sounds like a bad omen to me.
Update 8:52pm: It’s confirmed. The Merlion was striked by lighting at around 4 to 5 pm today afternoon. A small piece of the Merlion fall off and fell to the ground. Luckily nobody was hurt.
Update on 1 Mar: The Straits Times has a photo of the damage. Looks worse than I expected.
Someone took a photo of the Merlion today. Looks like they are starting the repair work already.


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