**Super delayed post**
Nicole and I was invited to attend the Norton Summit which was held at Equniox, one of the highest restaurant in Singapore.
The Norton Summit isn’t a media event. Its a seminar where Norton talks about their latest products, get feedback on how they can do better and find out what the customers really want. The interesting thing is that not all present are Norton customers. I’ve no idea how they go about selecting the invite list, but if I’m not wrong, they are members of the Norton Inner Circle. The Norton Inner Circle is a community of tech savvy geeks experts.
The product that caught my attention that night was obviously the Norton 360 V3.0, which we get a sneak peak at it before it was launched on the next day. The norton 360 is an all in one security for your PC. It has anti virus, backup, anti spyware, firewall, tuneup and many more. Which more or less cover 360 degree of everything you need to protect your PC or laptop.
Another thing that got me interested is the Norton Safe Web. If you have Norton 360 installed, Norton Site Safe will put an icon next to your search engine results. (If you don’t have Norton 360, you can go to Norton Safe Web and check the rating of the website manually) There are four colours – green for safe, yellow for risky, red for unsafe and grey for unknown. Norton analyzed the website and give it a rating. The community can also contribute by giving their comment on the website.
It was a great session with lots of feedbacks from the attendees. It’s nice to see companies engaging the consumers in such manner. I’m sure Norton will make full use of the feedback from the folks in the Norton Inner Circle and give us more outstanding products.
Many thanks to Mabel from Text100 and Symantec for the invite.
PS: I got a few free software from Symantec. Haven’t got the chance to use it yet. Oops. I’ll try to install them soon to test it out.

This is one of those “special” days with many events happening. In fact, I have to reject some of them due to timing crash.
1030am: Finally woke up. The Snooze button is the most evil invention in this world.
1115am: Left home for Supper Club. (For lunch event)
12pm: Reach Supper Club for HP DV2 launch. I’m pretty impressed with the pricing of the DV2.
2pm: Went RC2 with Nadnut to do some work cum blogging. Met RN1209 there. RC2 is really a popular hangout spot.
6pm: Went grab a light bite.
7pm: Went for another event by Fujitsu with Daniel. We had a tour around their Customer Service Center. Cool place.
815pm: Left Fujitsu Customer Care Centre. Went to RC2 (again) with Daniel to record an episode Gear65 for Sony VAIO P.
9pm: Went over to Ink Club Bar for HBO’s preview of True Blood. Looks like an interesting show. Too bad I don’t have Cinemax MAX at home.
1130pm: Left Ink Club Bar and head home. Been a long day out. It’s an eventful day. Will blog more about the individual event soon. (I just need to stop pressing the snooze button)

Been listening to youtube lately while doing my work/blog/surf/etc. Generally, what I do is I’ll listen to oen song, then either I’ll repeat it or click on another related video. Bon Jovi, U2, 五月天 and 伍佰 have been companying me lately. (Yes, they belongs to my era.)
I’m always amazed by how youtube choose it’s related video. I was listening to songs by 伍佰 and out of the blue, a 周華健 song pop out in the related video. I have no idea why. But I have no complains about it. Somehow, youtube always has its own way of finding a nice song that suits my mood. And tonight, it decided to dig out a super retro chinese song to match my mood.
This is one of my fave songs by 周華健. I still remember singing this song at KTV frequently despite the fact that I can never ever reach that high pitch. And perhaps the reason why I like this song so much is because I can always relate myself to the lyrics.

為何要到無法挽留 才又想起你的溫柔

Guess I never learn from my mistakes. Is it ever too late?


Next few weeks is going to be tough. Lots of tough decision to make. Lots of drastic action to take. How I wish, how I wish you were here.
周華健 – 讓我歡喜讓我憂

愛到盡頭覆水難收 愛悠悠恨悠悠
為何要到無法挽留 才又想起你的溫柔
給我關懷為我解憂 為我憑添許多愁
在深夜無盡等候 獨自淚流獨自忍受
多想說聲我真的愛你 多想說聲對不起你
你哭著說情緣已盡 難再續 難再續
你這樣一個女人 讓我歡喜讓我憂

If you are reading this blog entry between 8:30 to 9:30pm (GMT +8) on 28 March 2009, go switch off your lights first before you continue reading. Don’t worry, you can see read from the screen with the lights off.
It’s Earth Hour. Some of you might think that earth hour is useless. How much difference can it make by turning off the light for just 1 hour. Honestly, turning off the lights for 1 hour doesn’t do much. In fact, you might do more if you turn off the aircon for 1 hour. So why turn off the lights for 1 hour during earth hour?
Well, if you turn off the lights, people can see. The satellite can take photos and show everyone that you are taking part in earth hour. Nobody will know if you turn off the aircon or change to a more energy efficient device. But everyone will know when you choose to “Vote Earth” and turn off the lights.
But before you get me wrong, I’m not anti-earth hour. In fact, I support earth hour. I think its for a good clause. The idea behind is to generate awareness to the global warming. It is never about saving energy for 1 hour to save the earth and it should never be. That 1 hour is not going to make much difference.
It’s about getting the message across to everyone. To generate awareness on global warming and how everyone can do their part in preventing it from getting worse. And I must say that the organisers did a good job in getting everyone taking part in Earth Hour. Suddenly earth hour become a hip event and everyone wants to take part in it. Now that everyone has turned off their lights and is listening, it is time to spread the message on global warming.
Its meaningless to turn off the lights for 1 hour during earth hour and go back to your usual lifestyle after earth hour. That defeats the purpose. Its time we use this 1 hour in the darkness to reflect upon ourselves and our energy consumption. Its time we change our energy consumption habits.
Make That Change.

PS to Singapore Earth Hour organisers: Next year, Please stop releasing balloons to mark the launch of earth hour again. Thanks.

Tomorrow is earth hour. If you are living in Singapore, Earth Hour will be between 8:30pm to 9:30pm.
Still clueless about what to do during Earth Hour? Here are some things you can try.
1) Turn off all your lights (DUH! Obviously right?)
2) Go for a walk, since there is no lights at home.
3) Try your luck in applying for the baby bonus.
4) Go SMB6 and network in the dark
5) Read my blog, I’ve scheduled a blog entry for earth hour. (Shameless plug)
Enjoy your weekend.