Doing transaction over SMRT fare gate? Becareful, you might be breaking the law

This is one of those many fine laws in Singapore that nobody heard of. But with more and more people selling stuff on eBay and setting up a blogshop, I guess everyone should keep in mind that there is such stupid law in Singapore.
Yes, you cannot do a business transaction over the SMRT fare gate. Over the fare gate means 1 person is inside the paid area and one person is outside. The maximum penalty for such an offence is a $2,000 fine. Damn, I remember doing such things back in my Polytechnic days. And seriously, nobody knew that this is against the law. Nobody would expect this to be against the law anyway. I thought so long as you don’t obstruct the flow of traffic, there shouldn’t be any problem with it. But looks like I’m wrong.
And that doesn’t mean that you are safe if both parties are at the paid area or unpaid area. A spokesman for the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said: ‘Other factors such as the effect of business or trade on passenger flow, safety and security considerations are taken into consideration.’
Come on LTA. If the person is not obstructing traffic, why bother? Its not as if they are soliciting for buyers or anything. They are merely making the transaction in the MRT station. I can understand the need to do this because for a small time entrepreneurship, every cent count. They might even need to rush to another station to meet another customer. Why make stuff so hard for them? Singaporeans still aren’t adopting online shopping as much as other countries. Some are concerned that they might not get the goods after paying. So our young entrepreneur decided to do the transaction face to face.
Why do you have to make things so difficult for them? Cut them some slack.
So don’t blame Singaporeans for lack of entrepreneurship. There are just too many hurdle along the road of entrepreneurship.


  1. weekee: I hope it is really a cover backside law. But I won’t be surprised if some over zealous staff decides to enforce this law.

  2. OK. This is stupid.. I mean if they want to play this game.. we can just transfer the money using iBanking and pass the good at the MRT.. That way it’s NOT a transaction in the strict sense.. And then they can change the rule and come after us again.. And so on..
    I think they just want the fare.. and that’s very greedy of them..

  3. NTT: The beauty of meeting up to do the transaction is that you only pay when you got the goods. I guess some people are scared that they might not get the goods after paying up.

  4. $2000 just for that? Goodness, why isn’t there a public outrage over this? Why aren’t we angry at such ridiculousness?
    Maybe we’re all just.. jaded. :\

  5. Muzzy: Well, so far nobody has been fined for doing this. (Unless got but we don’t know).
    But I’m not comfortable with such regulation in place.

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