Review: Lenovo S10

There is something special about the Lenovo S10. I keep seeing people using it at cafe. Perhaps its popular because of the low price tag. Or perhaps there are more to it. Any S10 users want to share their stories?
When I first got my hands on the Lenovo S10, the first thing I notice is that it feels very durable. It doesn’t give you the plasticky feel even though it is made entirely out of plastic. It feels very durable and doesn’t feel like those cheap netbook made from cheap plastic. But don’t attempt drive a car over it or something. I doubt it can withstand the impact. But I may be wrong. Anyone wants to sponsor me a S10 to test it out? OK, I’m kidding.
One thing I like about the Lenovo S10 is the generous connectivity options that Lenovo put in this small device. It has 2 USB slot, a SD/MS card reader, VGA port out, Audio Jack, Microphone Jack and a Express Card slot. You may be wondering what can you do with the Express Card. For starters, there is a Express Card for 3G modem. There are also TV tuners, solid state drive and memory card readers that use the Express Card slot. The express card slot is something that you would expect from a standard laptop. It’s nice that Lenovo choose to include this in their netbook too.
Another neat feature on the Lenovo S10 is the one touch restore feature. One touch restore button is no stranger on laptops, but I think this is the first netbook that comes with a one touch restore button. Although I didn’t get to use it, its nice to know that there is such a feature. Since netbooks are supposed to work with the clouds, you won’t have much data stored in your netbook. Therefore when something messed up your netbook (Virus, registry problem, etc etc), there is always a one touch restore button to restore everything back to its original state.
Another interesting feature on the Lenovo S10 is the power management. When it is on idle for a period of time, the S10 will dim it’s screen to conserve energy. If still idle, it will off the screen. (like what most laptop and netbook does) It also has a multi-touch touchpad. You can use the 2 finger pinch gesture to zoom in and out of a webpage. (Actually it is changing the font size if I’m not wrong) I’m sure the multi-touch touchpad has other features too, but I didn’t have time to explore them. But it’s going to be a challenge to perform multi-touch gesture on the small touchpad.
The Lenovo S10 is not the most beautiful netbook that I’ve seen in the market. But it does gives you the option to choose the colours you like. There is a choice of Black, White, Red, Blue and Pink. (Else, there is always Garskin to save the day) The Lenovo S10 comes with a 160gb harddrive. Pretty impressive.
The Lenovo S10 weighs just 1.25kg. It’s not the lightest netbook in the market, but still a very light weight and portable device. The device is pretty handy too. (18.3cm x 25cm x 2.75cm) I don’t mind carrying it around whole day. And I did carry it around for a couple of days. Tried using it on SMRT with a 3G modem. Everything looks pretty good.
I only got 2 complaints about the Lenovo S10. Firstly, the 85% keyboard takes some time to get used to. But once you are used to it, it’s pretty alright. The other complaint I have about the Lenovo S10 is that the memory card slot leave the memory card protruding out. This means that you cannot have the memory card permanently in the slot. Other than this 2 issues, it is a fine netbook worth buying. And oh ya, did I mentioned that it’s selling at just $699?
In Short:
A low cost netbook with several notebook features.
Low Price Tag
One touch recovery button.
Lots of connectivity options
Small keyboard and touchpad
Protruding memory card
For more pictures, check out my first look at Lenovo S10.
Many thanks to Derrick from Lenovo & Sumin from Text100 for making this review possible.


  1. Jacelyn: Price drop? Wow.
    You didn’t tell me you are looking for a netbook. I have that review set for a few weeks, could have met you and show you the set. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I read in some review, that s10 generates more heat. Thats the only thing stopping me from getting it. Other wise it would have been in my lap by now !!
    Waiting for your answer !!

  3. Sateesh: The S10 doesn’t belongs to me. It is a review unit from Lenovo Singapore. I’ve returned the unit to them already since the review is over.
    But I have a couple of friends who are using S10 currently. Let me check with them and get back to you shortly. 🙂

  4. DK,
    Thanks for your prompt reply. Will postpone buying a netbook till you get back.
    Actually i saw 80% complaints on fan and the rest no problems with fan, so i feel it just depends on our luck, in getting a good piece, even though please enquire and reply.
    Will be waiting for your reply!!

  5. Sateesh: I’ve check with a friend who is using the Lenovo S10. She feedback to me that the noise from the fan is the same as normal laptop fan noise. She also said that the S10 is hot, but she is ok with it.

  6. In Sydney,opposite the Paddy’s Market – Capitol Bldg. upstairs, the S10 is sold @ AUD $499(inc. GST) plus a rebate of AUD $79 – in the form of a Lenovo VISA cashcard (prepaid) which makes the net price of AUD $420. The specs is equivalent to SG specs. S10 is a good netbook.
    Compare it with SG prices you’ll see the SG retailers huge profit margin / so much for being a competitive shopping country.

  7. Hi, how’s the battery life on the 3 cell S10? I heard it’s not great…. thinking of getting one cheap since the S10-2 is now out. Thanks.

  8. just bought this for 300Euros. was a little unsure at first because of the supposedley poor atom processor, but can honestly say i have been very pleasently suprised. i have installed windows 7 and the 3 cell battery has increased from 2.5 hrs to 3.45 (real world) lenovo has quickly added windows 7 driver support in their download area. yesterday i installed mac osx snow leopard without a problem, and apart from lan support it works flawlessly. lets see how much the apple netbook costs when it is released. more than 300euros plus os i think!!!!!!!

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