Singaporean must support Singapore company

Went to meet a potential client today at their office. It was a normal meeting with the usual stuff. Nothing special.
Then the client said something that touched my heart.

“Singaporean must support Singapore company”

And we cling the deal.
It is heart warming to hear such statement during time of recession. If everybody does that, Singapore companies, especially SME, will have better chances of surviving this recession.


  1. Chillycraps: Well, of cos I don’t think anyone will chose Singapore company blindly. Must also see if they good or not mah. 🙂

  2. DK: if got chance, i would love to know your client.
    chillycraps: I don’t see any protectionism is likely to take place in Singapore because the government won’t allow such thing to happen. Further, “support Singapore companies” culture is just not Singapore.

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