Who is Joo Koon anyway?

As we all know, Boon Lay MRT is no longer the last SMRT stop in the west. SMRT just opened 2 more station called Pioneer and Joo Koon. Now instead of saying that I’m taking the train going towards Boon Lay, I should say that I’m taking the train going towards Joo Koon.
Which makes you wonder….. who is Joo Koon anyway? Why did SMRT name a station after him (or her)? I tried searching and discovered that the MRT station is near Joo Koon road. Which then makes you wonder, why did LTA name the road Joo Koon?
Can’t find any pioneer by the name Joo Koon. I saw a discussion on the forum which said that the name could be derived from Jurong (Joo Rong). Jurong is called 裕廊. So maybe they extend the name and call that place 裕群 (Joo Koon). Oh. Maybe, maybe. Seems logical but I couldn’t confirm it. Do let me know if you know the story behind the name Joo Koon.
Like I said, we could name these places after someone who has contributed to Singapore. Instead, we come up with meaningless names like Joo Koon. Sigh.


  1. Closest I can guess is “Joo Chiat”, previously owned by “Chew Joo Chiat”.
    On the assumption that the center of the name “Joo”, “Joo Koon” could be a brother or cousin of “Joo Chiat”, thus this name “Joo Koon” is created.
    Thus I believe “Mr. [SURNAME] Joo Chiat” used to own a large piece of land in the area of “Joo Koon”/Boonlay/Jurong.
    Source: Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joo_Chiat)
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  2. Felix: I doubt so. 🙂
    Jacelyn: I think quite a number of places at East side is name after tree. Changi also name after tree.
    Xizor: Try not to hang around too much with Chillicrap. You getting infected by him. 😛

  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joo_Koon_MRT_Station
    It is named after Joo Koon Circle, the road which the station lies on, and the road in turn was named after Joo Koon Village, a rural Chinese settlement that stood in the area before the area became an industrial estate in the 1960s. This station links the people working in Joo Koon to the rest of the island via rail. It can also serve those working in Lok Yang and Benoi if there is proper transportation connecting them to the station.

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